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  • Research website on disability in Europe

    Disability research is still at a very low level in many European countries. While countries such as the United Kingdom have already many years of experience, others – such as Germany – are still very much in specialised research. Taking a look at networks and institutions that attempt to research disability and social inclusion at […]

  • Update: Action Plan on inclusion in German international development

    The “Action Plan for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in German development cooperation” was discussed yesterday during a presentation in Bonn. Civil society organisations brought up some points that need further thinking: The action plan provides little detail on how concrete measures will be taken What are the indicators to measure the success and […]

  • The German Ministry of Economic Cooperation plans to promote inclusion

    Inclusion in international development seem to have arrived in German international cooperation. A first draft of the “Action Plan for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in German development cooperation” of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development for the period until 2016 floats around. A first look at it leaves a positive impression, […]

  • Inviation for discussion: Measuring Inclusion

    A recent assignment provided myself with an interesting task to conduct a capacity needs assessment in Kyrgyzstan. This happened for a project of one international NGO and national NGOs and NGO. One element in the capacity needs assessment was, to assess the level of understanding of disability and inclusion among the partner organisations. And this […]

  • Building indicators for inclusive development II: elements of inclusive indicators

    This article lays out the general elements of inclusive indicators and reasons for their creation. It builds upon Part I of “Building indicators for inclusive development”. Elements of inclusive indicators Inclusive indicators are situated between inclusion and international development. Additionally they have to meet the requirements for measuring effective projects. This makes it rather difficult […]

  • Building indicators for inclusive development I: the background

    The paradigm of inclusion is demanded by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with disabilities. Thus projects and activities should be in line with the the general principles (article 3) of the UN CRPD and its aims should be respected. Which is easy, in theory. Turing towards practice this becomes far more difficult. […]

  • Bildung inklusiver Indikatoren für Beschäftigung

    Dieser Beitrag ist aus pragmatischen Gründen im Rahmen einer Studie auf Englisch. Creation of inclusive indicators for employment The UN CRPD marks a major shift in international law for persons with disabilities. It promotes a rights-based approach and a social model approach for the inclusion of persons with disabilities. Still it stays at a rather […]