Research website on disability in Europe

Disability research is still at a very low level in many European countries. While countries such as the United Kingdom have already many years of experience, others – such as Germany – are still very much in specialised research. Taking a look at networks and institutions that attempt to research disability and social inclusion at European level the situation is really grim. Only few institutions and networks exist.

Academic Network of European Disability experts

One positive example is the Academic Network of European Disability experts. It was created in 2007 and aims to establish and maintain a pan-European academic network in the disability field to support policy development. The network builds on disability research centres and national networks, contacts in countries, experts in specific themes, and links to other policy and research networks. The management and NGO involvement reflect a wider social involvement.

Topics of ANED

The network looks into a wide range of themes such as legislation, data and statistics, monitoring, employment, social inclusion and others. Additonally information about European countries is available in the form of fact sheets and specific topical documents.


The ANED website is a rich resource on disability research in European countries. It can be used as a starting point to either learn more about specific situations in countries or to have a broad look at topics that are important to persons with disabilities.

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