What is inclusion?

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For my work I filled out a questionnaire of the International Disability and Development Consortium, which I admit was quite fun. Therefore I would like to share some of the answers and to hopefully give inspiration and invite criticism.

What does an inclusive society look like to you?

In an inclusive society all persons are respected disregarding their individual characteristics and their equal opportunities are protected, promoted and enforced by the state, its subordinated bodies as well as all members of society. The common values of society are to have common values and culture, to put in place joint plans that increase the inclusion of all and to live learning practices that ensure the progressive development towards inclusion.

How would you briefly describe inclusive development to someone you know?

Inclusive development is a process and at the same time a finality to ensure inclusion of all in society. This demands that organisations active in development respect the dignity, rights and participation of all people in the form of values, ensure that jointly we plan actions in a way that ensures inclusion of all, create practices that become more and more inclusive as well as inviting people to participate and to ensure joint learning processes.

Imagine the world in 2030 where the full and effective inclusion of all including all persons with disabilities is realised, which concrete actions were taken to achieve that success?

State parties undertook all necessary measures as foreseen in the SDGs with a clear focus on inclusive mechanisms, sufficient resources allocated to transversal actions targeting diversity as well as equality and civic education ensured in all countries to further advanced public democratic evolutions. Equally a shift away from silo actions targeting specific groups of persons was achieved. To reach the common goals communities of practice in countries and at international level between civil society, governments, services providers and private enterprises were initiated to work for common goals.

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