Looking for co-writers

During the last year topics turned up in this blog that are highly relevant for other writers. These are connected to the implementation of the UN-CRPD. Here „Make it Work“ is looking for co-writers to share good practice and experiences. These can be:

  • Making inclusion applicable: What is neede to apply inclusive approaches
  • Good practice: How is the UN-CRPD applied in all field and especially in the area of employment?
  • Methodologies and standards: Which standards are useful to make inclusion happen?
  • Digital worlds: How can the social web be used to communicate inclusion?
  • Inclusion: What does t mean for people?

„Make it Work“ is looking for contributions on these topics. Authors who can show practical experiences and suggest inclusive ways are invited to submit article to this blog. Contributions in English, French and German are especially sought.

Please write to information (at) inklusive-entwicklung.de or use the contact form of this blog.

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